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Company: Board of Directors
A World-Class Team of Scientists and Entrepreneurs.

The American Diabetes Association has estimated that the economic cost of diabetes to the U.S. economy in 2007 exceeded 174 billion dollars.

Stan Yakatan, Chairman

Mr. Yakatan is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur and operational manager with C-level executive experience at leading health science companies including New England Nuclear, EI Dupont, ICN Pharma, New Brunswick Scientific, and Biosearch. Mr. Yakatan has founded or co-founded in excess of 15 companies in the U.S., Canada, Israel, France, and Germany. He has advised several of the world's leading venture capital firms including TVM, Ventana, MSP, and Biocapital. In addition to serving as the Chairman of MPI, Mr. Yakatan currently serves as the chairman of Grant Life Sciences, Inc., and serves on the board of directors of Biophan and of Phenomenome Discoveries, Inc. Mr. Yakatan is the Executive Director and Chairman of Biocomm, a Melbourne, Australia business development and early stage capital pool, and is a senior advisor to XL TechGroup, Inc.

Dr. Joseph Avruch, M.D.

Dr. Avruch is the Chairman of the Mercury Pharmaceuticals Scientific Advisory Board and a co-founder. Dr. Avruch is the Chief of the Diabetes Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Avruch is also an internationally known investigator in the mechanisms of signaling by insulin, growth factors and the role of protein kinases in cell growth and differentiation. Dr. Avruch received the prestigious 2006 Bristol Meyers Squibb Distinguished Investigator Award in Metabolic Disease.

Dr. John Kyriakis, Ph.D.

Dr. Kyriakis is a Professor of Molecular Cardiology at Tufts New England Medical Center and a discoverer and an internationally recognized authority in the MAP kinase signal transduction pathway and inflammation. Dr. Kyriakis' research has led to fundamental discoveries in signal transduction with potential applications in metabolic disease, cancer, and rheumatology. He has authored over 80 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.

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